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How the PAYLAX-Escrow Service works?

1. Verify email address

Before you can make the deposit to the escrow account, we need a valid e-mail address from you. We will send you a payment link to this email address so you can access and manage the escrow payment again at a later time (e.g. release). To verify the e-mail address, we will send you a verification code.2. Deposit money

You deposit the purchase amount by bank transfer or credit card in an insolvency-protected escrow account. The seller will be informed when the money is received and will then ship the goods or provide the service.3. Release and payout

After you have received and checked the goods or service, you release the money via your payment link. You will both receive a confirmation of the release and the money will be forwarded irrevocably to the seller.

If there is anything wrong with the goods or service, the money will be held in the escrow account until an agreement is reached or, in the worst case, until a legal dispute is resolved. PAYLAX does not take sides and does not interfere in the basic business of its users.