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What is PAYLAX?

PAYLAX is a digital payment solution that allows you to settle your payments easily and securely. For this we provide you with a range of payment methods to choose from, depending on the transaction amount. Payment processing via PAYLAX can take place on the one hand via the checkout process of an online store or marketplace and on the other hand via a payment link provided by your contractual partner. The special feature of PAYLAX is its in-house escrow service. Here, the money does not move directly to the account of the beneficiary (seller, service provider or landlord), instead it is deposited in an insolvency-protected escrow account held by our licensed payment service provider. Only when you have received and checked the agreed service, we forward the money to the beneficiary. The trust principle always ensures secure and worry-free payment processing and protects the parties involved from fraud.

Your advantages with the PAYLAX Escrow Service

Escrow-based payment processing is step-by-step, preventing you from ending up without money and goods at the end of the day, or paying for something you did not order or commission. With the PAYLAX Escrow Service, you can be sure that your contractual partner will make every effort to execute the basic transaction quickly and to your satisfaction.