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What payment methods are available at PAYLAX?

The seller decides which payment methods are offered to the buyer. In the following we show you a list of the possible payment methods:

Credit Card (VISA & MasterCard)

To ensure maximum security for credit card payments, we support the 3DSecure procedure. In order to use your credit card, 3-D Secure must be activated for your credit card.

Manual bank transfer (SEPA)

Transfer the amount via bank transfer (online banking). Please make sure that the amount and the reference for payment are transferred correctly when making a manual bank transfer. Otherwise your bank transfer cannot be assigned and the transfer will be returned to you.

SOFORT by Klarna

For this payment method you need a bank account with online access (PIN & TAN). SOFORT is supported in the following countries: Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Spain or Italy.