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Which goods and services cannot be paid for with PAYLAX?

The following goods and services are excluded:

  • Trust offices

  • Illegal software

  • SPAM,

  • (child) pornography

  • illegal MP3 s

  • copyright infringement

  • sale of counterfeit goods

  • drugs, medicine, alcohol, tobacco

  • weapons

  • Gambling or poker sites without an appropriate license in the area where they operate;

  • Websites offering articles or services for sale that are supplied to buyers in areas where this is prohibited;

  • Investment products where the origin of money cannot be traced;

  • Cryptoplatform that is not registered with DNB;

  • Cryptoplatform which is not established in the Netherlands;

  • Crowdfunding platform involving shares/bonds and/or consumer/mortgage loan that is not registered with AFM.